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Reunion Watchnet is becoming

One Voice for Transformation!!

You may have noticed that the URL is now  That is not a hijack or mistake. Reunion Watchnet is becoming One Voice for Transformation....Onevoice4t.

As a member of One Voice, you will be joining with believers across the country to cover every county in non-stop prayer.  The purpose is to cry out to God, as ONE in the Spirit, to see Him transform individuals and whole communities to align with the Gospel of the Kingdom.  The One Voice web community provides free tools to mobilize and connect people in an online and local network of prayer.

Members of the One Voice Community can:

  1. Receive critical Prayer Alerts from local prayer teams
  2. Pray weekly for their city, state and nation
  3. Participate in Prayer Groups online and in their local area
  4. Use articles in the Prayer Library for personal growth or teaching

After you register for One Voice, explore these items:

  1. Make a Prayer Promise – sign up for a weekly time slot to pray.
  2. Go to the Prayer Community and join a prayer group or create a group of your own.
  3. Explore the Site to see the Prayer Alerts, read articles about prayer or find businesses and ministries.

Daily Names of God

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The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart by Gaylyn Williams

Uncover daily encouragement as you dig deeper into who God is and how He relates to you personally.

 Click here to transform your prayer life and strengthen your faith

Transforming Revival

 If it Happened There,
It Can Happen Here

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Why Non-Stop Prayer?

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1Thes 5:17 tells us to pray without ceasing and in Luke 18:1 Jesus told his disciples that they should always pray and not give up.  Just as the Moravians did in the 1700’s, the goal is to see our state covered in non-stop prayer as people like you Make a Promise to Pray for our state at one or more chosen times each week. During your chosen prayer time, you can pray the Prayer Alerts posted on this site or pray as the Lord leads you for your city, our state and the nation. Register as a user and then make your Prayer Promise to help cover our state in non-stop prayer.


Prayer Changes Things

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If we are to "pray in everything" as it says in (Phil 4:6), then everything must be capable of being changed by prayer. As we come together in non-stop prayer, join with us in believing that God will transform people, businesses, churches and whole communities.    Click here to see statistics for our state (Transformation Indicators) that we have faith God will change for the better as we come together in prayer.

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We need your help to mobilize prayer and maintain this website.  We need people to write articles, process prayer alerts,process prayer requests/praise reports, promote One Voice or be a Catalyst to encourage people in a community, school or business to pray. Click here to see the positions and apply.

One Voice Logo

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What does One Voice mean?


In 2009, a group was praying about God’s will for the name for this website. So that the site would not be owned by any one ministry, none of the sponsoring ministry names was to be used. After a time of meditation about potential names, an 84 year old prayer warrior in the group said that God showed her the family of Christ being reunited across denominations, ethnic lines and age groups. That revelation resulted in using the word “Reunion” in the name. Others in the prayer group saw the website as a watchman function over the state which led to using the word “Watch” in the name. One of the functions of the website is to build a network of prayer warriors so the word “net” was incorporated to create “One Voice”.