True revival brings the presence of God which brings change.  I mean real change.  Hearts are transformed.  Relationships are healed. Bodies are healed. Violence and hatred stops. Restitution is made. Crime stops/jails close.  The land produces where it was once barren.  Coral reefs are restored that had been dead for 20 yrs.  Miracles are commonplace.

The results of true revival are awesome but they are founded in a reverential, healthy fear of the Lord that drives key people into deep repentance and forgiveness.  Do you really want God’s presence to manifest in your life in revival?  If you want to see revival in your family, your church, your city or nation, how bad do you want to see it?

Are you praying for a quickening in your own life?  Are you asking God to show you anything you have done or said that has offended Him so that you can repent (Ps 139:24)?  Have you asked Him to show you who you have offended so that you can make amends (Matt 5:21-24)?  Are you spending time in the Word and in prayer to let the Lord strip away all unrighteousness in your life? Do you choose to not take offense (Prov 19:11)?  Are you in a corporate body that is seeking the Lord in repentance and forgiveness? Are they seeking His face alone…not His hand?

If you sure you want revival that brings God’s presence, then spend the time needed individually and corporately to seek God for yourself first.  Then, join with others to seek Him for your family, your church, your workplace, your city.

Be sure you are willing to pay the price to seek Revival then pursue God with all your heart, mind, will and emotions (Isa 55:6-7, Deut 4:29, 1Chr 16:11, Ps 14:2).


Amy Everette

One Voice for Transformation