Leader Info

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This information is for pastors or prayer leaders.

It contains information for requesting the creation of a Prayer Watch in an existing Prayer Campaign or the creation of a unique, new Prayer Campaign.

May God bless your efforts in advancing the Cause of Christ as you work in this website.


Click on the menu to Request a Prayer Watch or a Prayer Campaign  

Pastor / Prayer Leader

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Submit a request to create a Prayer Watch for your church/group in an existing Prayer Campaign (such as the 1Church Initiative) by creating a Pastor/Prayer Leader Account.  

or... request the creation of your own unique Prayer Campaign of any length by creating a Campaign Leader Account.


Once you confirm your account (check your email or junk folder), one of our leaders will contact you to get your church or group set up on this website.

Post Login Landing Page

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Pray-ers - Join your group so you can make a Prayer Promise





Prayer Watch Leaders -   create a Prayer Watch for a Prayer Campaign



Prayer Campaign Manager -  contact 1V4T to set up a campaign