Prophetic Words

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Prophetic Words Spoken Over Colorado:

“I am focused to bring forth My harvest in this state.  And that which would prevent it, the old methods and the old weapons that would prevent this harvest, I would say to you, let go.  I am going send a wind that will blow the spirit of Nazareth off of this state."  "Colorado is a treasure in this nation.  Let the treasure of this state be mined properly and brought forth this season."    Chuck Pierce 50 State Tour October 2003
“There is a radical cutting edge that is on the state of Colorado.  That is part of your inheritance.  This is a state that takes territory that presses and breaks into new places, that brings forth trail blazers, that brings forth frontiersmen, forerunners, and radical cutting edge revolutionists.”  Jill Austin, October 2003

“I say I am bringing a sound and it will arise from this place.  I say when you walk out of this room, do not see the city or the mountains the same way you’ve seen them, but see them with a new song rising over it.  See it with a new song coming forth.  See it with a sound that is unlocking and removing the power of the secret societies of this land.  I say I am bringing forth a new song from the mountains of this state that will cause a nation to quake and the streets to come from disturbance to rejoice.  I say to you this will be a sound that causes the robber and the thief to be found out and I say it will be a sound that produces the increase that has now been held and stored in the enemy’s house."  Chuck Pierce September 2007

“I believe that the winds that are getting ready to blow across these mountains are going to bring a realization of the one true God that created them.  And all the New Age stuff is going to have to begin to yield.  He is going to establish a place that will declare His glory to the nations and I believe this is one of those places.”  Ray Hughes June, 2009