The House of Prayer Congregation

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The House of Prayer Congregation

Some Characteristics

By Cheryl Sacks

  1. Consensus among leaders: A Longing for the Presence of God to be manifest in revival, spiritual awakening and the fruit of divine activity as affirmation from heaven over the life of the church. (Isaiah 44:3; James 4:8)

  2. Thirst for God Himself becomes the heart of the congregation (Psa 63:1) and every pastor and leader has PERMISSION to pursue a lifestyle of living life and leading from the Secret Place to create a culture of prayer. (Psalm 91:1; Acts 6:4) ‘a break from status quo’

  3. The Rediscovery of a Sacred Place to Pray and the Delightful Hour with God becomes the CENTER of the life of the church and community. (Matthew 11:28 The Message)


  4. Pastors are being saturated with prayer by a Pastor’s Prayer Team. (Ephesians 6:19)

  5. A vision for every pastor, leader, ministry department, public service, every meeting mission outreach, and home to be prayer saturated. (Acts 4:31; Psalm 16:11)

  6. Participation in 24-7 day and night prayer (Isa 62:6; Luke 18:7; Psa 143:1; etc.!)

  7. Frequent Fresh Encounter (Worship/Prayer) Gatherings (Acts 13:1-2)

  8. Measurable downshift from busyness, programs, routine, etc. in church culture determined by leaders through leading of Spirit (Isaiah 30:15; Isaiah 40:31)

  9. The sick and broken are prayed for by a Ministry Prayer Team (James 5:15)

  10. Church Prayer Saturation Coordinator and Prayer Saturation Team is appointed to facilitate the House of Prayer Congregation process. (Acts 6:4)

  11. Every member has the resources, inspiration and invitation to Rediscover a Sacred Place to Pray and spend a Delightful Hour with God on a daily basis. This defines and SHIFTS the culture of the Church! (Matthew 6:6)

  12. The leaders and the members carry a vision of becoming the House of the Lord in the local community. The community becomes the Dwelling Place of God in the Spirit. A City without Suburbs, a Church without Walls. A Transition from shepherding my local church TO shepherding a community TOGETHER across denominational, racial, gender and economic barriers. (Ephesians 2:19-22, 1 Peter 2:5, Psalm 133; Philippians 2:2)