Foundations for a House of Prayer

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Building a citywide House of Prayer can feel daunting. However, if you following the Lord's leading and bask the whole initiative in prayer, it will come together in His timing and through His will.

Consider the following foundational tasks to building a House of Prayer in your city.

  • Develop your personal prayer life by learning to pray the Bible regularly – Practice praying Scriptures in your own prayer times with the Lord. Begin incorporating Paul’s apostolic prayers into your prayer times.
  • Pray that a House of Prayer would start in your city and that pray increases in your church – Pray persistently for God to raise up those who will begin to pray for 24/7 prayer.
  • Make a list of like-minded people in your church and city who have a heart for prayer – Begin to pray through your list, asking God to give them the same vision.
  • Partner with others with the same vision for Houses of Prayer –Get together to strategically talk about how to start a House of Prayer in your city. Try to include individuals from different churches, or you may want to start by seeing more prayer in your own church. Partner with those in your church who have a vision for prayer, and talk about how to see it grow.
  • Discuss the “How to Lay a Strong Foundation” keys – Talk over these points together as a group, asking God for His wisdom as you lay the foundations. Brainstorm together as a group, adding other like-minded people in your church and city to your list of contacts. End with praying “A Prayer for Foundational Strength.”