There are many principles regarding the basics of prayer and praying.  For the bible-believing, God-fearing Christian, personal prayer is an intimate time of communication with the one true God.  It is the most powerful way to establish and maintain a relationship with God the Father.  As intimacy with God increases, prayer becomes as natural as breathing – it becomes our way of living. The following sections provide a primer on prayer.

  • Principles of Prayer (12)

    The articles in this section provide information and resources regarding the basic principles of prayer.   Prayer Changes Things!!!

  • Fasting (2)

    Fasting and prayer is one of the most powerful tools in the Christian arsenal that both brings the believer closer to God AND achieves much in the battle to bring the Light of Christ into all things.










  • How To Pray (14)

    There are many ways to pray. Check out these articles to explore prayer strategies you might not have considered.








  • Power of Prayer (2)

    Prayer is a powerful tool for the believer. Through prayer, we have the ability to do all things through the power of God.