Fasting in Prayer

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Fasting and prayer is one of the most powerful tools in the Christian arsenal that both brings the believer closer to God AND achieves much in the battle to bring the Light of Christ into all things. That means prayer changes things.  It transforms the mind, will and emotions of the believer AND upsets the plans of the evil one - Satan.  Check out the following verses to learn more about the power of fasting and prayer.

Fasting teaches self-discipline.
Fasting cleanses the body.
Fasting gives victory over temptation- Matthew 4:2
Fasting provides wisdom for making difficult decisions- Esther 4:16
Fasting helps the process of world evangelism- John 3:5
Fasting prepares for effective service.
Fasting directly limits the power of Satan- Mark 9:29
Fasting is an act of holiness- Zechariah 7:5
Fasting helped many church leaders throughout history - Joel 1:14
Fasting provides more time for prayer- II Samuel 12:21
Fasting provides protection from our enemies- Ezra 8:21
Fasting prepares for revival- I Samuel 7:6
Fasting is a ministry unto the Lord- Acts 13:2
Fasting prepares our hearts to receive the word of God.
Fasting strengthens us to cope with pain.