How To Pray

There are many ways to pray. Check out these articles to explore prayer strategies you might not have considered.








What is Spiritual Warfare?

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Spiritual warfare is often misunderstood or viewed as something for an elect few.   However, the bible tells us that each of us as the authority to prayer in power against the demonic forces that would come against our families, friends, ministries, businesses, cities, states and nations.  Study the verses below to learn how you can operate in prayer that does battle against the powers of darkness in this world.

Listening in Prayer

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Some people perceive prayer as a one way monologue to God pleading for the things they want or need.  However, the real power of prayer comes from pausing to hear the voice of God and allowing Him to work in and through us to change things - including our mind, will and emotions.  Take time to read through the following verses to really understand how listening is to be used in your time of prayer.

Giving Thanks in Prayer

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Thanksgiving is a powerful form of prayer. It is coming back to God in prayer (conversation) to acknowledge His blessings for us and the answers to our prayers.  Check out the following thoughts and scriptures to learn more about the power of thanksgiving during our prayer times

Seeking God's Direction in Prayer

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If we use our prayer time to have a conversation with God, it will be a two way communication.  As you seek God for answers, you need to listen carefully for His will and direction.  Don't expect immediate answers unless you take the time to be in His presence to recognize His voice with His answers.  Consider the following verses and how they demonstrate seeking God's will in prayer.