Confessing Through Prayer

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Sin in our lives can be a direct hinderance to answered prayer.  That is why it is important to seek God's forgiveness when we sin.  Confession in prayer is the most immediate way to seek God's forgiveness.  The following scriptures provide an understanding of what confession is all about and what it can accomplish in our lives.

Confession is letting God show us our sins- Psalms 139:23-24
Confession involves seeking cleansing from God- Psalms 51:3
Confession leads to forgiveness- I John 1:9
Confession means allowing God to speak to us- Psalms 46:10
Confession is saying the same thing that God says about sin.
Confession is being in agreement with God about what is right and wrong.
Confession is to admit to God what His Spirit has shown you is sin- John 16:13
Confession is to renew your fellowship with God- Psalms 51:10
Confession is to reconcile your differences with others- Matthew 5:23-24
Confession is a catharsis of the soul- Jeremiah 3:13
Confession is a cleansing of the heart- Jeremiah 17:9
Confession is correcting the wrong you have done- Ezra 10:11; I Corinthians 2:10
Confession is an examination of the heart- I Chronicles 28:9
Confession results in healing-James.5:16