Seeking God's Direction in Prayer

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If we use our prayer time to have a conversation with God, it will be a two way communication.  As you seek God for answers, you need to listen carefully for His will and direction.  Don't expect immediate answers unless you take the time to be in His presence to recognize His voice with His answers.  Consider the following verses and how they demonstrate seeking God's will in prayer.

Pray for direction as Jesus modeled - Luke 6:12-13
Prayer for direction requires total surrender of your mind, will & emotions- Romans 12:1-2
Seeking God’s direction in prayer means submitting to His will- Matthew 26:41
Pray for direction to be delivered from evil- Matthew 6:13
Pray for direction for deliverance from enemies- Psalm 31:15; 71:4
Pray seeking God’s guidance for strategy- Judges 20:18
Pray for discernment- 1 Kings 3:9
Pray for direction through knowledge and wisdom- 2 Chronicles 1:10
Acknowledge God in prayer leaning not on your own understanding- Proverbs 3:5-6
Pray for understanding of the right way to live- 1 Kings 8:36
Prayer for direction means knowing God’s heart- II Thessalonians 3:5
If we are in trouble, we are to pray for direction- James 5:13
Seek God in decision making- Judges 6:36-40