Praising Through Prayer

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Do you know that praising God is a form of prayer?  It is the most awesome way to quickly connect with God.  The following are a few ideas and verses that explain how praise accomplishes much as a form of prayer.

Praise is recognizing God for who He is- Psalms 135:3
Praise is adoring God for what He means to us-Psalms 150:2
Praise is expressing our love for God- Psalms 116:1
Praise is showing our appreciation for the blessings of God- Psalms 118:21
Praise is an act of worshipping God- Psalms 111:1
Praise is offering a sacrifice to God- Hebrews 13:15
Praise is exalting the name of the Lord.
Praise is recognition of God’s presence.
Praise is releasing the power of God through exaltation of Him.
Praise is spiritual warfare against Satan.
Praise is releasing the providence of God to work all things after the will of God.
Praise is being lead by the Holy Spirit as an act of worship.
Praise is worshipping in spirit and in truth.
Praise is adoring God through singing songs, hymns, and spiritual songs.
Praise is making melody in your heart towards God.
Praise is releasing the blessings of God in heaven and bringing them down to earth.
Praise is thanking God for all the things He has done for us.