Listening in Prayer

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Some people perceive prayer as a one way monologue to God pleading for the things they want or need.  However, the real power of prayer comes from pausing to hear the voice of God and allowing Him to work in and through us to change things - including our mind, will and emotions.  Take time to read through the following verses to really understand how listening is to be used in your time of prayer.

Listening is concentrating on what God is saying to you - Joshua 3:9
Listening is allowing the rhema word of God speak to you - Ephesians 6:18
Listening is allowing the Spirit of God to touch you - John 14:17
Listening is paying attention to the voice of God - Nehemiah 9:17
Listening is responding when God speaks - Leviticus 26:21
Listening is a school of silence- waiting for the still, small voice as Elijah did - I Kings 19:12
Listening is communication from the Holy Spirit to your spirit - Romans 8:26
Listening is recognizing the presence of God - Matthew 18:19  
Listening is the key to answered prayer.
Listening is acknowledging your love for God - Deuteronomy 13:3, Deuteronomy 30:20
Listening is silent worship of God.
Listening is expecting God to speak to you - Deuteronomy 5:27
Listening is being a sheep and recognizing the voice of the Shepherd - John 10:27
Listening is believing in the power of answered prayer - Exodus 23:22
Listening is expecting God to use you to accomplish His will - Psalms 55:1-3
Listening is trying to understand what the Lord is saying to you - Psalms 34:11
Listening requires knowing God’s voice - Hab. 2:2