Principles of Prayer

The articles in this section provide information and resources regarding the basic principles of prayer.   Prayer Changes Things!!!

Prayer Directives

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The Word of God provides very detailed princples regarding prayer.

Check out the following verses.

Pray in faith - Matthew.21:22, Hebrews.11:6
Pray in the name of Jesus - John.14:13-14
Pray concerning the will of God - I John .5:14-15
Pray under the guidance of the Holy Spirit - Jude 1:20; John.14:16-17
Pray with all sins confessed - I John.1:9
Omission -  things that you failed to do
Commission - things you actually did that was wrong
Pray with a forgiving heart to others - Mark.11:25
Pray with persistence - Luke 11:8
Pray with sincerity from the heart -James.5:16
Pray for specific things - Mark 11:23
Pray with humility - 2 Chronicles 7:14
Pray with wholeheartedness - Jeremiah 29:13
Pray with confidence that God will answer - I John 3:21-22
Pray as you ask the Holy Spirit to examine your motives - James.4:3
Pray as you act on God's leadership - Proverbs 3:5-6
Pray as you abide in Christ - John 15:7
Pray as you obey what you already know is the will of God - Philippians 4:9, Genesis 31:16, James.4:17
Pray as Jesus directed - Matthew 6:9-13, Luke 11:24

Reasons to Pray

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God tells us to pray- 1Thessalonians 5:15
Jesus modeled prayer for us- Mark 1:35; Acts 1:14
Prayer is God’s way for receiving blessings—James 4:2
Prayer was important to Christ on earth—Mark 1:35
Prayer is the most powerful way to establish and maintain a relationship with God like Abraham experienced- Genesis 18:16-33
Prayer is a means of getting help—Hebrews 4:16
Prayer is a way to remove anxiety—Philippians 4:6-7
Prayer is a way to see people saved—II Peter 3:9
Prayer is a way to help us grow spiritually—James 5:16, Phil 1:9-11
Prayer is a command for every Christian—Luke 13:1
Prayer changes things—James 5:16
Prayer brings Christian laborers—Matthew 9:38
Prayer delights God—Proverbs 15:8