Corporate Revival

Corporate transformation entails a group, community, city, state or nation.  It requires submission, worship, passionate pursuit of God, personal transformation, hope, prevailing prayer and more.  This section offers articles on Corporate Transformation to see God's Kingdom on earth in a community as it is in Heaven.

What is Transforming Revival?

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As believers in God’s mighty power, we have prayed for revival for years. However, do we really know what we are praying for?

Based on 20+ years of research and documentation of over 800 communities that have been transformed by God’s presence, George Otis, Jr defines Transforming Revival as:

  -- A communal restoration of the God-man relationship.
  -- A corporate return to first love with God the Father.
  -- It is a conscious re-enthroning of King Jesus, not only over our church life, but over every dimension of life.

In Transforming Revival, God is invited — and expected — to assume control of everything from the sanctuaries of our hearts to the structures of our society. For the term transforming revival to be properly applied to a community, change must be evident not only in the lives of its inhabitants, but also in the fabric of its institutions. In the end, it is dramatic social, political, and even ecological renewal that sets these communities apart.

In short, a transformed community is…

- A neighborhood, city or nation whose values and institutions have been overrun by the grace and presence of God.

- A place where divine fire has not merely been summoned, it has fallen.

- A society in which natural evolutionary change has been disrupted by invasive supernatural power.

- A culture that has been impacted comprehensively and undeniably by the Kingdom of God.

- A location where Kingdom values are celebrated publicly and passed on to future generations.

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Can We Really Lay Siege to a City?

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The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. Psalm 24:1.

This powerful proclamation points to the Lordship of Christ over the entire earth. In the light of Psalm 24:1, the searching question we ask ourselves is, "Has the Lordship of Christ been realized in the life of my own city?" 

To know the answer, it is necessary to read our city and its culture in the light of God's Word. We need to not only read God's Word, but to view our city in the light of God's world. For some this may be a new concept. Most of us are more used to studying the Word of God for use in our personal lives – and so we should. However, God's Word extends to the whole world. The earth is the Lord's.  What Has Happened to God's World?

Core Principles of Transformational Revival

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Consider the following core, biblical principles that have been proven to attract the Presence of God and bring transformational revival.      

CORE PRINCIPLES & Common Obstacles


Presence/Intimacy vs. Busyness/Distraction

Hunger/Desperation vs. Satisfaction/Apathy

Humility/Contrition vs. Pride/Arrogance

Consecration/Obedience vs. Independance/Self-Sufficiency

Personal Repentance vs. Sin/Iniquity

Forgiveness/Release vs. Offense/Bitterness

Hope/Expectancy vs. Doubt/Unbelief

Unity of the Spirit/Agreement vs. Division/Dilution

Corporate Repentance vs. Regional Spiritual Strongholds

Perseverance/Prevailing Prayer vs. Compromise/Prayerlessness


Transforming a City

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Transformation in the Marketplace
Ed Silvoso/Larry Nault

Five Principles:
1. Embracing a city-wide vision that includes everyone! If you aim high you hit high — if you aim low you hit low. We need to aim for the city! We need a VISION that embraces the city!
2. Reconciling and connecting the pulpit with the marketplace.
3. Doing ministry in the marketplace Monday through Saturday.
4. Interceding for and expecting extraordinary miracles — if we want to see what we haven't seen we must begin to do what we have not done. When we begin to intercede for miracles we will begin to see miracles in the marketplace. Acts 19:10-11
5. Understanding the spiritual jurisdiction that people of authority have and allowing them to use it. Rev 3:20 "If one person invites me I will come in".