Transforming a City

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Transformation in the Marketplace
Ed Silvoso/Larry Nault

Five Principles:
1. Embracing a city-wide vision that includes everyone! If you aim high you hit high — if you aim low you hit low. We need to aim for the city! We need a VISION that embraces the city!
2. Reconciling and connecting the pulpit with the marketplace.
3. Doing ministry in the marketplace Monday through Saturday.
4. Interceding for and expecting extraordinary miracles — if we want to see what we haven't seen we must begin to do what we have not done. When we begin to intercede for miracles we will begin to see miracles in the marketplace. Acts 19:10-11
5. Understanding the spiritual jurisdiction that people of authority have and allowing them to use it. Rev 3:20 "If one person invites me I will come in".

Four Pivotal Decisions:
1. Whatever you have learned share it and give people the tools. Help people begin the process
2. Change the spiritual climate by intentionally practicing prayer evangelism
3. See problems as a threshold leading to a miracle through prayer evangelism
4. Ongoing intentional spiritual legislation in the spiritual realm I heavenly places. To legislate
in prayer means to:

  • Stand on the word of God
  • Submit to God
  • Oppose the devil and intercede for the will of God to be done in your company and the city as it is in heaven. Nonstop intercession is the key! If you have never come face-to-face with the devil chances are you are heading in the wrong direction.

Three Key Initial Steps:
1. Ask the Lord to give you His heart beat for the city.
2. Become an elder in your city and behave like one: Begin to pray for your city: church, family, government, education and business.
3. Launch a transformation process with like-minded and like-hearted people.