Core Principles of Transformational Revival

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Consider the following core, biblical principles that have been proven to attract the Presence of God and bring transformational revival.      

CORE PRINCIPLES & Common Obstacles


Presence/Intimacy vs. Busyness/Distraction

Hunger/Desperation vs. Satisfaction/Apathy

Humility/Contrition vs. Pride/Arrogance

Consecration/Obedience vs. Independance/Self-Sufficiency

Personal Repentance vs. Sin/Iniquity

Forgiveness/Release vs. Offense/Bitterness

Hope/Expectancy vs. Doubt/Unbelief

Unity of the Spirit/Agreement vs. Division/Dilution

Corporate Repentance vs. Regional Spiritual Strongholds

Perseverance/Prevailing Prayer vs. Compromise/Prayerlessness