Spiritual Lift

Posted in Personal Revival. Hits: 2008

I realize that many of us are surrounded by difficult circumstances, many struggles that may be hidden from most but still painfully real.  I was reminded this week of a wonderful truth:

The Law of Gravity is all around us, constantly at work kind of like the law of sin and death that is mentioned in Romans 8.  But the Law of Gravity will be silenced if we introduce another law, the Law of Lift.  Airplanes soar through the sky violating the gravity by using a "higher" law, the lift they experience renders gravity ineffective.

So with us, we can continue to live, even as born again Christians under the law of sin and death or we can dive into what Christ purchased for us on the cross and live in the law of "lift" so to speak.  Romans says it this way,

"For those who are flesh are thinking the things of the flesh, but those according to the Spirit are thinking the things of the Spirit.  For the mind-set of the flesh is death but the mindset of the Spirit is life and peace"  How can I determine if I am in the law of the flesh or the law of the Spirit, life and peace.  In the midst of the sin and death all around, I can draw deeply into Jesus and find His grace, His peace and His life in the midst.  That means what comes out of my mouth changes.  The circumstances may not change immediately; but our grumbling, murmuring,  and slander will cease and as praise and thanksgiving flows out-His presence gives us a joy in the midst.  His Presence is already within us by His Spirit, He gives good gifts because He is good and He simply cannot give what he does not have.  As we take time to embrace His Spirit that dwells inside of us, we experience His power in our midst.  I am finding that if I merely pray for my circumstances to change, my prayers seem ineffective.  But when I experience Him in the middle of all I am going through, I change and "life and peace" comes.  I have determined that nothing is worth taking away the sweetness of His peace in my life.  Other transformations follow but they are insignificant compared to Him living and moving intimately with me.

May we all be praying for each other and this community to know His Peace and Presence and power in our daily lives each day afresh.  Then we really have something to share with a lost and broken world.

Belinda Seville