10 Servant Principle Prayers

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For Building the Kingdom of God

1. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that ever has! (Margaret Meade).   Lord God, show me my “tribe”; my group that have the same or complimentary calling to change something in this world

2 Nothing significant has ever happened without insignificant persons doing seemingly insignificant actions that significantly impact people! Lord God, keep me on your straight and narrow path that I may be obedient to follow through on even the most insignificant actions that You lead me to do.

3. Small actions repeated consistently, with focus and dedication, have more impact than sporadic gestures done with great enthusiasm but no follow up. Forgive me Lord for not following up on the things You have called me to build and maintain: give me the fortitude to continue on in the endeavors you have put before me.

4. If you are not overwhelmed by what you think God is asking you to do, you’re probably not the person for the job. God does not ask, “Are you able?” but, “are you available?”  Lord God, I choose now to be available for whatever you have for me to do to support the advancement of Your Kingdom.

5.Sowing your life into the soil of the Kingdom of God often means investing your time, money, talent and energy into the lives of people who cannot or will not repay you, so God will. Thank You Lord for the people who have come alongside me to help me sow into your Kingdom; bless them and let Your Light shine upon them.

6. The One who has placed passion in your heart will give you the ability complete the journey upon which your passion will take you, if you let Him. I now submit to God’s will for the journey I am on for His Kingdom (or the journey I  am about to embark upon).

7. We serve an extravagantly gracious God who has proven His extravagance by giving His only Son. He invites us not only to believe in Him, but also to invite the whole world to trust in Him unreservedly. Lord God, make me an instrument of Your peace; give me the words to say to show the love of Jesus to everyone I encounter every day.

8. No one is a “nobody” in God’s eyes! Every person has somewhere he or she can make an investment, knowing that God intends that involvement to bring life to others.  Lord God, show me what You would have me do to make a difference in someone’s life today and give me the spiritual insight to see these God opportunities every day.

9. We are called, not to success, but to faithfulness. Therefore, our expectations should be eternally based, leaving the responsibility for personal visibility and visible results to God. Lord I believe that you will respond to my faithfulness but help me in my unbelief; help me to persevere leaving the results up to You.

10. You can be sure of one thing: God does not need you or me. We Need Him!  If we are not willing to obey Him, others will obey Him in our place.  With or without us, God’s plan and purposes will be fulfilled!  Through prayer and obedient service, redeemed human beings have the privilege of partners with their heavenly Father in the greatest enterprise on earth!  I now choose to partner with You Lord God above all else – help me to be obedient every step of the way as I submit fully to Your will in and for my life.


Adapted from “10 Principles” written by Jerry Crick & Joel Bardwell.