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On the road to revival....

By Vic Stinemetze

Recently,  I  keep  running  into  that  word,  “submit”. Maybe you are too. It seems to be everywhere. I hear it in messages on Sunday morning. I hear it in Leadership Meetings. I was hearing it at a Conference  a  couple  of  weeks  ago.  Today,  I  attended  my nephew's wedding and there it was again. Indeed, it does seem to be everywhere. We, as Christians know that we are to submit to those that are in authority over us. We are to submit to those God has set up as Church  and  Ministry  Leaders.  We  are  to  submit  to those  who  enforce  the  laws  of  the  land.  We  are  to submit to those who have been elected to govern the land (whether we voted for them or not!). Yes, even if I don’t agree with him, didn’t vote for him, don’t like him;  we are  still  to  submit  to  him.  Yes,  that’s  what Scripture tells us. We are to submit unless man’s law violates  God’s  law. 

We  are  to  submit  to  those  we work for and under. Wives are to submit to their husbands and Scripture tells us children are to submit to their  parents.  And,  of  course,  we  are  to  submit  to God. Yes, that word submission truly is everywhere. But there’s  one  more. Ephesians 5:21 says,  “Submit to  one  another  out  of  reverence  for  Christ.”  That means that not only are we to submit to those in authority over us. We are also to submit to those who are not in authority over us. In fact, we are to submit to  those  who  are  under  our  authority.  Everyone! 

So how do we go about showing that we are submitting to  someone?  Is  it  simply  coming  into  compliance with  the  things  we  are  asked  to  do?  No,  I  think  its much more than that. It starts with respect. If we are submitting to someone, we are also showing  respect to them. But, is it more than respect? Yes, I believe its  also  honoring  them.  Showing  high  honor.  But what else? Could it be that submitting to one another is also loving one another? Not just to those who are like us. Not just to those who have the same values that we do. Not just those in leadership over us. No, we  are  to  submit,  love  one  another. 

Of  course,  the real test is not when we are face to face with one another.  The  real  test  has  to  do  with  how  we  think about   others.   What   we   say   about   them   when they are not around. Could it be that the words submit, respect, honor and love are all  wrapped up together?  That  when  the  Bible  says  we  are  to  submit one  to  another,  we  are  also  to  respect  one  to  another? That we are to honor one to another? Love one to another. Could it be that this is how we reverence Christ? How we submit to him? How we respect him? How we honor him? How we love him? And, could it be that the  word humility is also  wrapped up in all this? That when we submit, respect, honor and love, we are also acting in humility? And could it be that this is the next step in our quest for transformational revival?  We’ve  been  ardently  praying  for  revival  for over a year now. In fact, many of us have been praying for revival for many years. Is this the next sep? So let’s reverence Christ by submitting one to another. Not only when we are face to face but when we are alone. I believe this will be pleasing to God