Pursuing God in the Midst of Divine Discontent

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Have you experienced Divine Discontent? …..a dissatisfaction with life and church as usual? Do you have a longing for more of God? Do you long for revival in your community? Are you called to something bigger than what you are doing now? If you want something more for your life, I challenge you to passionately seek God with all your heart.

1. Spend significant time fervently praying from your heart. Pray offensive prayers as you let God pray through you.

2. Humble yourself before God. Confess pride and anything else the Lord reveals to you - allow the Lord to do a healing work in you as you receive His forgiveness.

3. Fast as you pray to keep the focus and continually draw close to God for your strength.

4. Spend significant time in the Word.

5. Practice holiness that leads to purity. Choose to no longer take offense at anything.

6. Gather with others regularly to pray for yourselves, the city, your state and the nation.

7. Persevere in items 1 through 6. Don't give up!!!