The sports and entertainment world is being rocked by people who are taking a stand for God's Truth. The Prayer Alerts in this section focus on lifting up people who are standing and living for what they believe regarding God and His Word.

Imagine books, art, music and movies that inspired people to dream, and told the story of how God wants to grant the desire of your heart and work with you to make your dream come true. What if artistic expression had a prophetic theme that resonated in the hearts of all who heard it, because it was the same message that the Holy Spirit was already speaking to them about?

Prayer Alerts in this section are posted by intercessory prayer teams who regularly meet to pray for the world of sports and entertainment. If you are interested in joining one or more of these groups, check them out in the Prayer Group area.


How to Pray for Hollywood

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1. Don't pray against the people or projects

2. Consider the Media centers as Marketplace Mission Fields

3. Pray for Jesus to reveal Himself to the Media & Entertainment professionals and lead them to Him

4. Pray for Christian professionals to love their co-workers with the love of Jesus and to share their faith with them

5. Pray for Christians to be strong in their faith

6. Commission and pray for Christian artists - they are Prophets

Hollywood Prayer Network - 7/23

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Dear HPN members,
We don't usually send emails other than our monthly Prayer newsletter, but we feel that this is important for us to be praying this time FROM Hollywood to a city in America.  So, would you join us in praying for the people affected by the horrible shooting in Aurora, Colorado that occurred in a movie theatre, during a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises". We need prayers not only for the people creating movies, but also for the audience watching movies.  Thank you for praying this prayer with us:

Dear God,
We are grieved over the shootings in Aurora, Colorado at The Dark Knight Rises screening. Lord, we ask that

Hollywood Prayer Network - July

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HAPPY JULY. We have a lot to pray for, even though it's the middle of summer and our industry is supposed to be very quiet. So, as you're enjoying the summer weather, or even driving in your car on vacation, would you keep praying for the people, the projects and the issues in Hollywood that impact your world?


• Keep praying for Alan Horn at Disney and HPN's friend who is working with him
• Pray for Rachel at the new TV Game Show, "The American Bible Challenge"
• We praise God for His hand on Broadway and in LA Theater

For Believers in Arts/Entertainment

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Pray for Christians who are art and entertainment professionals:

• That God will guide and direct their lives and provide His wisdom to them.
• That God will infuse their decisions and their creativity with a strong moral sense.
• That their tremendous power and influence will be used to uplift, liberate, inspire and redeem.
• That God will create through them a mighty wave of global goodness, reconciliation, and peace.
• That God will make Himself real and personal in their lives.

Pray for morality to be presented. It is important to intercede on behalf of the actors, musicians and athletes our young