How to Pray for Hollywood

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1. Don't pray against the people or projects

2. Consider the Media centers as Marketplace Mission Fields

3. Pray for Jesus to reveal Himself to the Media & Entertainment professionals and lead them to Him

4. Pray for Christian professionals to love their co-workers with the love of Jesus and to share their faith with them

5. Pray for Christians to be strong in their faith

6. Commission and pray for Christian artists - they are Prophets

7. Pray for revival in Hollywood, Bollywood and other global entertainment centers. Don't pray against the people or projects

8. Pray for the Christian audience to be discerning in what they watch and how they talk about it, from a Christian perspective

9. Pray for our children to have discernment in responding to the media - from a Christian point of view - what's OK and what's not

10. Pray through the HPN Kids on the Prayer Calendar

11. Encourage other people to intercede for the Media

12. Pray that God's love covers and transforms the Entertainment Industry to conquer fear

13. Pray for a spirit of adoption to cover an orphan spirit

14. Pray for God's creativity

15. Pray for healthy relationships

16. Pray for God's truth and beauty to be revealed through story

17. Pray that Christians in Hollywood find their identity in Jesus and not in what they do