Prayer for Colorado

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 Prayers for Colorado

We pray:
•    That You, Lord, would open the doors for this message of the Gospel; that we would love You wholeheartedly and that people would be drawn:
•    That the churches in Colorado would become Saturated with Your Presence
     -That at least 1,000 pastors would be “on fire for God” because they are
      Saturated with God’s divine presence and are thus consumed with His purposes &   
      engaging His power in their ministries
     -That 200,000 existing Christians would become Saturated with the Presence of God and  
      be consumed with sharing His love and purposes with others
     -That 500,000 new believers fall in love and follow Jesus with a burning desire to be  saturated by Him
•    That we would see supernatural transformation taking place in the people, churches and our state – just as in Acts and the Great Awakenings in the 1700-1800’s
•    That His power would be exhibited as He desires and this movement is recognized by the world as God’s work
•    That we see deep repentance and turning to the Lord like never before
•    That we see & experience the beauty of united hearts within the Church and between  Churches
•    That we would seek to love the Lord with all of our hearts, at all cost and so glorify Him
•    That each church would consider itself a “House of Prayer”, with 50% of its people praying this Concert of Prayer.

•    That God would transform our state foundation from the old foundations to new foundations:
     1.    from Claim Jumping (ruthlessly taking over someone else’s work) to cooperation, honoring, serving, and protection of existing or new work
     2. from a history of  deception, misrepresentation and incomplete information to the truth of God (and man) prevailing and being stood upon with nothing hidden
     3. that we be forgiven for the people group massacres of the past and be giving life to family, neighbors, and foreigners
     4. that the immorality of the past & present be forgiven and forever changed; we desire to be a people that have been given pure hearts as a result of seeking and receiving God’s grace
     5. that our identity in lawlessness be erased and changed so that we would honor the laws of the land and God and promote justice
     6. that the greed of the past and present would be forgiven and changed into our being a generous and giving people serving the oppressed and downtrodden to the glory of God

Add your prayers:
Praying Scripture
Your kingdom come and Your will be done!

We pray that we would be transformed into fulfilling what God intends us to be: the Body of Christ being holy, blameless and pure, full of the Spirit and overflowing with the Fruit of the Spirit, exhibiting the fullness of God within us!
•    By the power of God, we would exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit most of the time:
     -    having a joy & peace that passes all understanding, no matter my circumstance
     -    having a love for God that is full of affection & passion for His presence
     -    having a faith that moves mountains & heals my broken heart as well as others
     -    having a patience that is long suffering & steadfast without selfish agenda
     -    having a meekness/humility and mildness that cares for God’s people naturally
     -    having a goodness that comes from an upright heart
     -    having a gentleness from moral goodness and integrity
     -    having self-control [being without excessiveness in thought, action or feeling]
•    We would experience every spiritual blessing
•    That we would be full of good deeds and godliness
•    That we would powerfully proclaim the Good News
•    That we live humble lives before God
•    That we crave God’s presence
•    That we live out Your love and love others as You have loved us
•    That we would love You Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and strength
•    That our daily lives would be full of passion and purpose for Your Kingdom
•    That we have one hope in us for the return of Jesus
•    That we live daily for Your Kingdom and Your glory
•    That we love one another deeply, not out of obligation but in unconditional love
•    That the divorced and unwed mothers would be built up, served & cared for
•    That the poor and down-trodden be served, developed and made strong in You
•    That widows and single parents would be covered & cared for to fulfill their purpose in You
•    That orphans would be shepherded and blessed
•    That we live lives of mercy and peace
•    That we make choices that leave margin in our lives to listen, obey and follow You
•    That You would give strength to the persecuted, and multiply Your work, and free them according to Your will
•    That we would bear Kingdom fruit: 30, 60, 100x’s more
•    That harvesters for the Kingdom be raised up in my community, including me
•    That oneness in You Lord, and oneness in our church be realized and fulfilled
•    That we have hearts yearning only for You, everyday
•    That we be saturated with Your divine Presence
•    That we would repent of sin and live for Your Kingdom in all we do
•    That You would help us to fulfill Your desire to live holy, blameless and pure lives, not out of human effort and perfection but by continually walking in the Spirit
•    That we would demonstrate our transformation by lovingly serving our family, church, & community