A Prayer for Prayer

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The following is from a prayer meeting held in Colorado Springs Aug 15, 2012

Lord God, we ask for greater persererance and endurance for every person called to be a watchman for the city, region and state.  We decree that each watchment is called to the wall to watch over their area of influence.....return to your post...do not be discouraged...do not give up.

We decree an increase in the level of faith among the intercessors of this nation....especially the watchmen of Colorado.

We decree that this state is now known for its houses of prayer..churches, homes, businesses, dedicated prayer houses established as places of prayer....24x7 prayer...places that host of the Presence of God...for the transformation of our people, our land and our ecnomy.

We decree that bondages and strongholds are now destroyed as 7x24 prayer is established in this city, county and state.

We decree that God's intercessors are now a sweet fragrance to unbelievers and marginal Christians...that many people now sense the Presence of God and are drawn to Him.

We now release the strategies and plans for prayer and the next move of God in this state...that believers hear from God and walk in obedience to put in place the things that God requires to transform our state for His glory.

We decree that as the fires have cleansed our state, that our people are now cleansed of fear, anxiety and doubt.

We decree that believers across the state now receive the healing grace, mercy and blessings from the prayers that have been directed at Colorado this year.