Prayers for The Church

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From The 2nd Watch of The Nightwatch 1/17/13

For Repentance/personal transformation   2Chron 29
Make our hearts righteous before You Lord God...that we will decrease as You increase...we decree an awakening among Your people Lord God that causes people to passionately pursue Your Presence which releases  an outbreak of forgiveness and repentance in home after home across this land....let every person be conscious of their guilt , seek the absolution, grace and redemption of God and walk in the Truth of their deliverance...we call the church forth to be the humble, bold hearts that You designed us to be.
We decree that the righteous people of THE CHURCH now come forth to take their rightful place in every aspect of our government and aspect of society.

For Corporate Repentance
We repent Lord Gof for the normalization of homosexuality and homosexual unions
For lack of support for Israel

For diluting the Word of God as taught from the pulpit....that biblical Truth is twisted and compromised in so many churches in America...cause the spirit of repentance to fall upon preachers/teachers who compromise God's Truth...bring them to Your Your Purity Lord God...cause pastors and teachers to fall on their faces in repentance and in awe of Your Glory which releases a spirit of purity  and truth and the Wisdom of God into their teachings...that the true Church arises in every congregation in this nation...that the false teachings are displaced with the Truth of the Word of God.

For an Outpouring of the Love of Jesus
Show us how to love and embrace the branches of Your Church that accept lifestyles and decisions that violate your Laws Lord God.... We decree that Your Church fervently loves one another setting our minds on things above....not on things of this world.
We decree a release of all that You have for Your Church Lord God....a deluge of Your Glory that the love of Jesus is released among Your Church...that we breathe Your glory as a patient would in an iron lung...that we rely solely on Your Glory and Truth.

Let the church of Colorado minister to the homosexuals in our state government positions...showing the love of Jesus which sets them free from the bondage of sexual impurity...send forth the healing light of God into their lives that brings freedom and greater joy into their lives.

As we become the righteousness of Jesus Christ in our personal transformation, we decree a new level of ONENESS among the CHURCH...that we operate as the righteous right hand of the Father...that we do all that you have called Your Church to be and do.
Love covers a multitude of is the fulfillment of the law...we praise You Lord God for the love you poured out through the blood of Jesus Christ....let an outpouring of Your Love brings us together AS ONE across denominations, generations and ethnic boundaries.
We decree that love never fails....that it goes forth to accomplish the ONESS that God has ordained for His Church in this nation.
We decree a fresh revelation of what true love is upon Your people...that we exude the love  of Jesus which brings others into Your Kingdom Lord God.