Spiritual Authority to Vanquish The Enemy

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From "Vanquishing The Enemy" by Dr. Ron Phillips

Lord, I have no righteousness of my own. I give You my sin for Your righteousness.

Lord, I receive Your righteousness as my standing before the Father. I gladly confess that I am now, and forever will be, who You say I am. I confess to being Your child, a saint, an heir of God, a part of Your bride and body.

Lord, I yield my body as an instrument of righteousness. I recognize that all I was in Adam is now dead and that all I am in Jesus makes me Your own.

Lord, I accept the Bible as Your very breath of life. I acknowledge 2 Timothy 3: 16, which tells us that all Scripture is God-breathed and is profitable for instruction in righteousness.

 Lord, I thank You that Your death has made me righteous before the Father.
Heavenly Father, I bow in praise and ownership before You. I praise You that the blood of Jesus is my covering. I praise You for the Holy Spirit who indwells and fills my life.

I surrender myself anew to You as living sacrifice. I repudiate conformity to this world and praise You for the transforming work of Christ.

I renounce Satan and all his workers and declare that they have no right to interfere with me in this prayer. I am praying to the true and living God and refuse any involvement of the Enemy in this prayer.

I ask You, Lord to rebuke Satan and I now take my exalted position in Christ. I recognize that the armor of God is none other than Christ! My sword is the Word of God and praise.

I praise You, Jesus, that in this position, on Your throne, the Enemy is under my feet. I reject, repudiate, and renounce all that Satan has brought against me. I bring the blood of Jesus against him and command him to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. I call all principalities and powers to take notice that I know who I am in Christ. I will live in Christ and over Satan in Jesus sure victory.

In the strong name of Jesus Christ, amen.