Pray for Jefferson County Schools

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God has not forgotten the many prayers that we have sent up before the throne of God regarding our children and the Mountain of Education.   There are many people with a passion for taking back our land for Christ being moved by the Holy Spirit at this time, especially in the Evergreen area and Jefferson County, Colorado.   Specifically at this time pray for:

1.  Christians to be awakened to HIS purpose in our schools.  We NEED laborers set and ready to send out.
*  a strategy for reaching each and every church in our region ---
*  for each church to have a small team of 'like-minded" individuals who will fill the position of educational liaison from their  church to a central location
-- the purpose of which will be:
a.  to disperse information about what is happening in the school systems back to the body of Christ at each church
b.  to have a ready bank of names -- people who will put "feet" to their prayers and take  back our school boards and curriculum writing teams for Christ.
In Jeffco we need to take back Dist. 5, 2, and 1 -- We call it forth in the name of Jesus

2.  God to reveal hidden places in the State Standards of Education where the Bible and the influence of Christianity in our culture has been removed
* Open doors to people of influence who can challenge the current writing and reintroduce the Historical relevance of Christianity in our children's curriculum.  Pray for help from David Barton !!!

3.  God to place people in each school district who will examine their school's curriculum

4. a Christian to come forth to sit on Jeffco committee for Textbook Approval

5. God to place great success on Christian organizations:

  • Jeffco Students First
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Moms of Prayer
  • may these be a place to build an army for Christ

We pray that right now God is organizing a network of His body working together as ONE body --- NO divisions ---
a cohesive army -- talented leaders --  with clear instructions --- going forth to take back our schools for HIM.

We call it forth

In Jesus name !!!  Hallelujah