Prayers for bills regarding education

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Please join with me and the other precious prayer warriors who continue to pray over our schools.
The next three days - Mon, Tues, & Wed. will be critical times at our state capitol.

Father we love you and thank you that we can come boldly before Your throne of grace and can lay our requests at Your alter.
Forgive us for any sins that we may have -- knowing or unknowing -- that we can come before You with clean hearts and clean hands.

Thank you Lord for the men and women that You have set in place --as a protection over the children in our schools. We know Father that you watch over them protecting them and their families. Bring them grace, and favor-- favor with man and with God.

Jesus promised -- "I have given you authority ..over all the power of the enemy' (Luke 10:19). So we take the authority that you have given us.

(Because You bestowed on Him) the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth Phil 2:9,10)

So by the authority of Jesus and His precious blood, we bind you satan, according to Ephesians 6:12 and break your powers over strategies -- moving through our capitol -- via bills that would bind the citizens of Colo. (legally) to things that are NOT of GOD.
All these strategies and devices need to bow to Jesus's name.

We pray for all our representatives -- for Your wisdom and knowledge to be with them.
We pray especially for rep. Dan Pabon and Jared Polis & Wilson - that YOU will prepare their hearts and minds to see The TRUTH. And Lord if they are unwilling to move from their ways - we ask that you bind any and all affects of their work. We pray that their work shall be null and void... empty - Any and all work that ignores Your precepts O God.

We pray that any of our representative, who do NOT line up with YOUR purposes -O Lord....that their positions will be rooted out (soon) and that the righteous will take their place. In JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

We ask Father that Your will be done -- over Senate Bill 173 Data Privacy Bill. We pray Lord that this bill shall be accepted in its Senate version with transparency or the entire bill be cast DOWN. No compromises. We agree together that YOUR LIGHT AND TRUTH shall 'ring' forth in the chambers where these bills are being heard.. Every bill not just the education bills.
Also Lord SB 257 - we lift up to You for favor. We pray that this bill will pass as it creates a path for our state to get out of PARCC testing - that would bind our children to more ungodly indoctrination .
We declare that HB 1323 (the testing bill) dies and moves no further.

Thank You Father that even now You are shining YOUR light into the darkness. Dispelling lies and deception. Exposing people and their tactics to the world.

As this coming year moves forward we call forth more of Your truth and light to come into the civil arenas of our state . We pray for more parents and grandparents to get involved in these critical issues O Lord that they may discern the times.
We believe that Many shall turn from this wicked world and run back to righteousness.

We thank You Lord for the army that you are building even now -- to push back the darkness from our children.. that the enemy shall have NO advantage.
There is hope for our future that our children shall come back to their own boarders.

For we give YOU all the praise and all the glory for any and every victory - no matter how big or small.

We pray all of this in Jesus name -- the name we love above all things.