The family is the foundation of our society. That makes it an extremely important issue to cover in prayer!  The institution of marriage is under attack. Families are stressed by financial issues.  Families are separated due to work and military duties. We need to pray for families!

Imagine every family led by a husband and father who consciously released the dreams of his wife and children. Imagine wives who made it their priority to encourage their husband to dream, and who spoke prophetically into it.

This section provides prayer points to cover for families in our state and across the nation.


A Father's Blessing

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Read and pray this as though your Father in Heaven were speaking it to you.

Pray it over your own children.

My child, I love you!  You are special.  You are a gift from God.  I thank God for allowing me to be a father to you.  I bless you with the healing of all wounds of rejection, neglect and abuse that you have suffered.  I bless you with overflowing peace, the peace that only the Prince of Peace can give, a peace beyond comprehension.  I bless your life with fruitfulness—good fruit, much fruit and fruit that remains. 

Prayers for the Children of Colorado

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Dear Lord we come before you asking forgiveness for Christians in the past or now who have ever offended the people of this world.  God you know our hearts that we do NOT wish to JUDGE others no matter what their diversity represents.  As stated in the Jeffco mission statement of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion: that the office  embraces and honors diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, transgender, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ability and disability.  Our Lord Jesus directed us to love our enemies and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  And so we do.  And we pray for their salvation.  It is not our place to judge any PERSON Lord God, we are not here to do that.   But rather we are here to preserve  the moral fabric of our culture in America, as we serve you our Lord.

Scriptures to Pray For Children

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Ps 72:4  ...will save the children...break in pieces the oppressor

Ps 90:16  ... Your glory to Your servants children

Ps 102:28  ...children of Your servants will continue..their descendants will be established..

Ps 115:14  ...the Lord give you and your children increase..

Ps 127:5  They shall not be ashamed (shamed, disgraced, delayed), but shall speak with their enemies in the gate. (key point of defense, place of decision- picture of the mind)  * This is a scripture that I use daily.

Is 49:25  For I will contend with him who contends with you for your children.

Is 53:13  All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace (safety, prosperity, well-being, wholeness, intactedness, satisfaction, contentedness) of your children.  * This is the other promise I declare daily.

1 Cor 7:14 ...they (children of believers) are holy.

A Prayer for Marriages

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Dear God, I praise you today for who you are. I come to you on behalf of all married couples.  You instituted the family.  You made a precious connection when you created Eve from Adam's rib.  They would be mates and help meet one another's needs, raise a family, and oversee your creation.  I pray for your protection of every married couple today.  Please work in their hearts and guide them to think of one another as they should.  May their priorities be straight, with you at the center and their marriage above other relationships. 

Prayers for Children

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  • Pray for obedience and submissiveness to the parents.
  • Pray for their salvation and for the spiritual growth of those already saved.
  • Pray for their physical growth, health and good eating habits.
  • Pray for their education and sports activities.
  • Pray for their intellectual development and for their growing in wisdom and knowledge.
  • Pray for the figures of authority with whom they have daily contact: teachers, sports coaches, parents, grandparents, etc.
  • Pray for their social development and for a pure walk in life so that they may discern between right and wrong, that they will be able to resist temptation.
  • Resist the Evil One who will try to destroy their lives.
  • While they're young, begin to pray for the right choice of career and marriage partners.
  • Pray that they will love God and His Word, and also pray for their joy in life.
  • Pray that they will choose the right friends.