Prayers for the Children of Colorado

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Dear Lord we come before you asking forgiveness for Christians in the past or now who have ever offended the people of this world.  God you know our hearts that we do NOT wish to JUDGE others no matter what their diversity represents.  As stated in the Jeffco mission statement of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion: that the office  embraces and honors diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, transgender, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ability and disability.  Our Lord Jesus directed us to love our enemies and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  And so we do.  And we pray for their salvation.  It is not our place to judge any PERSON Lord God, we are not here to do that.   But rather we are here to preserve  the moral fabric of our culture in America, as we serve you our Lord.

We thank you for ALL the wonderful teachers, assistants, principals, secretaries, administrators, school board members, and superintendents  that are in charge over the minds of our children. We ask that the leaders spiritual eyes be "opened" and that you will take any hearts of stone and make them hearts of flesh.

We pray that this next generation of Americans will hunger and thirst for truth and righteousness.  Thank you Father for allowing us to be a part of educating our communities to our rights and liberties as Christians in our public schools that our Christian children and teachers will not be afraid to speak the truth about you Jesus.  That they can  be a voice of truth in the midst of many lies.

 Our children will learn once again about the faith of our Founding Fathers. The faith they had in your word and the principals of the bible.

We declare as in Galatians 3 that our children will be supplied the "Spirit that works miracles" because they have heard about faith !.

All this we ask in Jesus MIGHTY name.

Deanna Miller

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