For Marriage

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There are many ways you can be in prayer for marriage. This is merely a guide to help you, and your church, as you go before the Lord in prayer for marriage.

Pray for  Marriage (from Alliance Defending Freedom)

Praise God for the impact of marriage:
•  Thank Him for how marriage refines our character, creates stable community for the birth and nurture of children, and unites men and women in an enduring whole-life union.
•  Thank  Him  for  giving  the  distinct,  irreplaceable  gifts  a  mom  and  a  dad  each uniquely bring to children, through marriage.

Pray for the marriages in your community:
•  For  healing,  restoration,  and  divine  protection  over  the  relationships  between husbands and wives in your church, neighborhood, and among your friends and family.
•  That Christians will hold fast to the biblical Truth about marriage and boldly stand up for children, who are most protected and impacted by marriage.

Pray for the future of marriage:
•  For  the  nation  to  uphold  the  truth  that  marriage  between  one  man  and  one woman is the foundation of society and the best environment for raising children.
•  For Americans to remember the damage already done to marriage in our society, and how that has hurt children.
•  Pray for the judges hearing marriage cases – and specifically the Supreme Court
Justices – to rule with wisdom and discernment to protect marriage.

Pray for God's design for sex and sexuality in marriage:
•  Pray for sexual purity; that sex will be reserved for marriage, and celebrated in marriage.
•  Pray for God's blessing and restoration on those hurting and suffering from going outside of His design for sexuality.
•  Pray for sexual fidelity and faithfulness between husbands and wives.
•  Pray for children's innocence to be protected from false sexual indoctrination in schools.