Pray Against Sexual Violence in Colorado

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Four Colorado cities among '20 Most Sexually Violent Cities in America’

by Bailey O'Neill

COLORADO -- People often tell themselves that the city they live in has less crime than others but a new study says that is not always the case.

In fact, it says four cities in Colorado are among the nation’s most sexually violent cities.

According to new data released by DatingAdvice, Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Pueblo are in the top 20 of the nation’s most sexually violent cities.

Researchers analyzed crime data from the FBI uniform crime reports (2013).

They examined the total number of rapes reported by law enforcement agencies and listed the top 20.

The full list includes:

1.       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Reported rapes: 1,279)

2.       Detroit, Michigan (Reported rapes: 618)

3.       Denver, Colorado (Reported rapes: 514)

4.       Memphis, Tennessee (Reported rapes: 437)

5.       Nashville, Tennessee (Reported rapes 437)

6.       Cleveland, Ohio (Reported rapes: 417)

7.       Anchorage, Alaska (Reported rapes: 408)

8.       Minneapolis, Minnesota (Reported rapes: 385)

9.       Colorado Springs, Colorado (Reported rapes: 370)

10.   St. Louis, Missouri (Reported rapes: 333)

11.   Springfield, Missouri (Reported rapes: 281)

12.   Wichita, Kansas (Reported rapes: 244)

13.   Aurora, Colorado (Reported rapes: 224)

14.   St. Paul, Minnesota (Reported rapes: 218)

15.   Salt Lake City, Utah (Reported rapes: 204)

16.   Cincinnati, Ohio (Reported rapes: 199)

17.   Birmingham, Alabama (Reported rapes: 178)

18.   Pueblo, Colorado (Reported rapes: 165)

19.   Akron, Ohio (Reported rapes: 160)

20.   Seattle, Washington (Reported rapes: 153)