Prayer & Strategies for National Security

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 Seeking God’s Face for the Deliverance and Destiny of America:

A Special National Security Focus

August 5, 2015

Thanks to all of you who were able to be on the two conference calls during the Colorado Springs meeting last week and for the rich time to share and pray together for our troubled nation. There were 57 participants, mainly prayer network leaders from across the USA who came on to share their sense of what the Lord is saying to us at this time of heightened concern for our nation’s security. Many of their comments seemed to converge around similar foci which have been included in the list below.

Here are some of the main comments and themes that we have tried to condense. If you did not have a chance to join us on either call, please respond with your own sense of what God is saying to the prayer movement at this time about the future of America with regard to both its security and destiny.

Preparation- prepare, prepare, prepare for what is to come. Be on the wall for the USA at this hour!

Rebuild the wall of prayer like Nehemiah and defend the nation. Neh. 4:4 “Remember the Lord and fight for your brethren.” Be alert!

Strategize- develop a nation-wide strategy. Lay down individual things in order to come together as His sons and daughters with a Kingdom perspective for the nation.

Connect across the country as a network of united prayer. Power of unity even among a remnant can be used by God wonderfully. We need a new level of unity since the “generals of prayer” in the USA not united. Pride and ego need to be laid aside and let’s deal with unforgiveness and fear that keep us apart.

Press in for an outpouring of the Spirit through worship and praise. The Lord inhabits praise.

Act with urgency to prepare and stand, simplify our lives.

Don’t give way to just reactionary prayer. Anticipate what the devil will do to stay one step ahead. Clearly communicate and keep focused on what God wants us to pray so we are not reactive, but proactive, praying from a posture of humility.

Practice strategic repentance. Repent as part of strategy as Watchmen on the Wall. The church has lost spiritual authority because of sin. 2 Chron 7: 13-14. Need for strategic repentance to release our authority and restore justice in midst of growing lawlessness.

Be overcomers in spite of the storm. The storm has already come and we are in it- our three branches of government in some ways have collapsed already, and we are living in occupied country. However, in Christ we will not give up. Be overcomers and look for the harvest that is coming!

 Become liberators. Need to use a “spiritual bomb” as in Esther--three days of prayer and fasting- to wake up the Church and cause the enemy to surrender. Sustained, united prayer will be used of God to achieve this.

Respect and honor one another. Learn to respect all groups of praying believers for their part so the whole process can happen through new honor, new respect for each other. Harness the prophetic dreamers and their dreams.

Cultivate corporate unity because we Americans are very individualistic and not as strong as other national cultures on doing things together well. In order to achieve that, let’s pray together more often. Hold prayer conference calls with a different leader each week.

 Use proven Biblical principles to achieve breakthrough. For example, utilize the  principles of achieving spiritual breakthrough from 2 Chronicles 20. Someone counted 17 different ones! Also, two participants brought up the same passage unknown to each other.

Learn from previous revivals and prayer movements- past intercessors were intense and didn’t quit. They pressed in until the Spirit fell upon their cities and the nation.

Respect and partner with 1st Nations prayer leaders. They are the spiritual gatekeepers to the USA and are crucial for the deliverance and healing process.

Some good reconciliation so far, but not deep enough due to portals of defilement, so the enemy still claims territory. Humility and grace to connect frees God to do so much. First Nations have special authority with both government and church that needs to be called upon.

Stand in hope and consecration where we are in our own family, community, taking responsibility for consecrating ourselves to God. Pray with hope, not in negative terms so that average people will be encouraged and empowered to pray also.

Link up with governmental officials- 770 governmental leaders are connecting already through Pray USA.

Learn more about and pray about Islam- our nation’s conflict with Islam has been called the “last battle” and you need to know your enemy. In such a battle, prayer is the power of life and death.

Educate leaders and churches about the power of prayer. There is little understanding in the American church of the supernatural, transformational power of prayer and the priestly role of believers as intercessors. Need to educate and communicate the theology and rationale of prayer to pastors and others who still don’t understand or practice it effectively.

Include children and youth as partners in prayer. God responds to their prayers and they have much to teach us in their simple faith!