Declarations for The Supreme Court

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We declare: Let the Glory of God fill the Supreme Court today and every day!

We declare that every Supreme Court Justice now comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and purposes to do God's will above all else.

We declare that the Supreme Court is a place where judges seek the Lord God for wisdom and rule on cases based on the tenents of The Constitution.

We declare that every Supreme Court Justice now humbles themselves before the Lord God Almighty to seek His Truth in prayer with no interference from any powers of darkness.

We declare that every Supreme Court Justice feels free to pray with their staff over the proceedings and tasks of every day.

We declare that the prayers of people in the Supreme Court building and around the country now drive out the darkeness and loose the Supreme Court from the strongman that has held our justice system in its grips....that is is now a place where godliness, holiness, righteousness, truth and justice flow into the nation.


Adapted from "Daily Give Him 15" postings by Dutch Sheets