Evangalism & Business

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  • Pray for business apostles to arise in the workplace.
  • Pray for Christian businesses to advance the kingdom of God.
  • Pray for a revelation of tithing for Christian business owners.
  • Pray for Christian business to open up avenues for the gospel in "closed" nations.

Dr. David Barrett, Christian researcher, asserts that Christians own over two-thirds of all the wealth in the world today.   In the last century, the twentieth century, the wealth was multiplied over three times.  As Christians we can use the wealth of

the world to bless the needy and to multiply those resources. Every time someone discovers something new about how God has made matter (for example, the idea of the microchip) new innovations spring forth. All of these inventions create a
new enlargement of the market. And in creating a larger market, people are spreading the wealth, by production, sales, and service.

The real business part of business creates productivity and micro-enterprise.  Opportunity International, a Christian organization, has created a million new businesses in one year alone.

With the blessing of God, Christian business can go into a little nation where there's no hope for families.  Widows with children can become self-sustaining through enterprise. A loan for a cart to distribute eggs so that the widow can make a little profit will sustain her family.  When she learns how to do that and pays back the loan, productivity results which
blesses families.

".... a business ..... begins to help and open the way even for people to come in from outside so that there can be a broader witness in that nation, a so-called 'closed' nation?  I don't believe there's really a closed nation anywhere, it's just that it's closed to the present method we try to use to get in."—Loren Cunningham