Ebola - A 21 Day Prayer Guide

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Ebola is a very real threat to western Africa and, potentially, to America.  Please pray the following 21 Day Prayer Guide to see the world set free from this deadly virus.

Hear my prayer, O LORD; give ear to my pleas for mercy!
In your faithfulness answer me, in your righteousness! Psalm 143:1

Day 1:   Safety for relief workers who are trying to help others.  That they won’t be targets of violence and theft and that they remain resistant to the virus.

Day 2: Wisdom, discernment and integrity for the leaders of the affected nations as they make decisions affecting millions of lives.

Day 3: For the international community to respond not with fear, but with compassion, urgency and perseverance, assisting those in need.

Day 4: For the safety and wisdom for community health educators working to dispel the lies surrounding Ebola.

Day 5: For provision and care for the orphans and widows of Ebola. Many children have lost parents. These children and women are often ostracized and rejected by remaining family members due to the stigmas of Ebola.

Day 6: For physical and emotional protection for health care workers caring for Ebola patients.

Day 7: For comfort and a deep sense of God’s love for those in isolation and under quarantine.

Day 8: For comfort for family members who have lost loved ones to the virus but have been unable to say goodbye or attend any funeral ceremonies for their family members. 

Day 9: For the scientists who are working to find a cure for and vaccine for Ebola  –  that safe and effective solutions would be found SOON.

Day 10: For adequate food supplies for people in quarantined areas and homes.

Day 11: For additional aid workers and agencies to answer the call for assistance in the affected areas.

Day 12: For the power of fear to be broken globally and people around the world to respond rightly to people from these affected areas and to victims of the  virus.

Day 13: For protection and emotional support  or the teams who collect bodies and  bury them. That they would have  increased sensitivity to the needs and  concerns of family members when they respond to a call..

Day 14: .For communities to reintegrate people who have recovered from the virus and welcome them with open arms.

Day 15: For the families of humanitarian aid and foreign health care workers responding to the crisis  – for peace and comfort while their loved one is in a risky environment.

Day 16: That hearts in crisis would be open to the Gospel and turn to Christ.

Day 17: That the Body of Christ would demonstrate love and concern for their neighbors in this crisis  –  affected or not.

Day 18: That people would have a real understanding of the transmission of  the virus through body fluids and how to prevent it and protect themselves  and others.

Day 19: That people would not be paralyzed by fear, but be empowered to take appropriate action to protect  themselves and their families and to assist those in need.

Day 19: For protection from the temptation of corruption and exploitation that becomes common during crisis situations.

Day 20: For God to supernaturally eliminate the ebola and other deadly viruses.

Day 21: That God would glorify Himself in the midst of the crisis and heartache and demonstrate to a broken world that He is the Redeemer of all things (Col 1:20).