A Prayer for Our Media

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We praise you, Jesus, for having enlightened the human mind to discover the use of media including audiovisual techniques, electronic and digital media: film, radio, television, and the worldwide web. We pray that every form of media is now used for the education and the material and spiritual uplifting of all persons and society.

You created everything for us Lord God for Your glory: may these inventions, too, sing your glory as Creator and Savior.

Lead us not into temptation, Lord, but deliver us from the danger of misusing the gifts you have given us with such wisdom and love.

Lead those responsible for these media to work with charity and respect for human dignity. May they always sow the seed of good wheat and keep watch so that the enemy may never sow weeds. Enlighten all listeners and viewers to seek the fonts of living water and to abhor the stagnant wells.

Jesus, through the intercession of Your saints, grant that through these media the world may come to know you as the Way and Truth and Life of all humanity.